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Happy 2019 and welcome back to our Blog #cappellettoconsiglia, my dear Cappelovers!

The Texans are next season's must have

We had a little taste of it in the winter season and the true fashion addicts are already savoring their comfort these days… if you don't want to miss the latest issues left online, we suggest you take a quick tour of our page dedicated to Texans because it is the real #musthave of the moment and it will become even more beautiful to wear them next spring when the first mild temperatures of the summer finally begin to arrive!

If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss the video on our selection of winter Texans…also published on our Youtube channel .

Among our proposals still on sale you will find the inevitable Via Roma 15 in black leather, super tall and super comfortable, as well as the two camperos with the most captivating shape by Elena Iachi

Via Roma 15 - Texans

Elena Iachi - Texans

How Texans carry themselves

The Texan boot is the right passe-partout for the attack of the season! We all begin to feel the need to make small changes to our wardrobe to make the warm season seem closer.

Note that we don't necessarily all have to look like cowgirls. On the contrary! The choice that Cappelletto offers you in its stores and online is as usual refined and will make you feel in step with fashion without flaunting too much!

Texans go very well with skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket , but we can't wait to match them also with spring dresses with a belt at the waist and skirts with pullovers !!!

Among our winter proposals you will also find the beautiful Rose di Buttero ankle boot , also with a Texan setting but with an all-original shape and proudly "made in Tuscany" by our friends of the Sani family.

BUTTERO Texans - Rose - Suede - Black

Here you will find the winter version but if you are already tearing your hair out of losing it, don't worry, very soon the Texan Buttero will be back in our stores and online in the spring summer version in white calfskin : don't miss it!! And he is the piece to have in the wardrobe: the heel has a suitable height to be able to wear it all day long, it has the shape of a Texan but the elegance that comes from the width on the ankle gives this shoe the title of indispensable, really. Seeing is believing!

The Texans Damy

And last but not least, now we tell you the beautiful story of Damy .

Surely some of you loyal customers already have his shoes in their wardrobe that have been present in our stores for some time. But this year, of course, we returned to Damy (Damiano for us friends), to let us have his best creations in terms of Texans!

Damy Texans Cappelletto Shop

Damy uses only vegetable leathers, without chrome . The tanning is slow and made with sawdust from trees, without the use of chemicals. The linings of these boots are also made with natural materials that allow the shoe to be worn even on bare feet, because the genuine vegetable leather lining breathes.

The stitching of the shoe, also entirely handmade and the exclusive prerogative of skilled hands, is "black rapid".

The workmanship is garment dyed, with aniline colors. Then the shoes are washed with stones to give them that vintage flavor that distinguishes them and makes them truly unique. finally they are brushed first with abrasive brushes and then with wool for an incomparable final touch.

Last detail not to be underestimated is the preciousness of the heel which is entirely in real leather (and not pressed leather as is often found).

In short, all you have to do is buy a piece right away, not only to follow the trend of the moment, but to win one of the most recommended pieces of our #CappellettoConsiglia.

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