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Who we are

The birth of the Cappelletto family's shops began in January 1948, thanks to the founder Aldo Cappelletto who opened the Treviso sales point in 1963. Together with his brothers, the other sales points that are still present in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia were later opened .
Our Cappelletto stores are a unique shopping experience in the world of women's and men's footwear and accessories.
Alberto Cappelletto is the second generation in the square of Treviso And Mogliano Veneto and is an award winner MICAM AWARD of March 2012, awarded to the best Italian buyer of Made in Italy.

Together with his staff, Alberto supports a continuous search for new companies and new trends, at a national and international level. This makes our stores two points of reference with an unrivaled offer in the footwear and accessories sector.

Among many brand names on sale in our stores you can find Alden, Church's, Tricker's, Crokket&Jones, Del Carlo, Sergio Levantesi, Fasciani, Jerome Dreyfuss, AnnaF and many others.

In the historic headquarters of Treviso, a city of art rich in traditions, Cappelletto organizes annually events dedicated to the presentation of special collections of footwear and accessories, created in limited editions, signed #cappestyle, exclusively for its store.
These are collaborations that Cappelletto establishes with some of the main brands in the footwear world and from which, every year, companies such as Alden, Diemme, Buttero, Silvano Sassetti and AnnaF, who have decided to respond enthusiastically to this initiative by creating "Capsules" of products with a unique design and taste.