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The world has come closer «Now e-commerce is my best friend»

Corriere della Sera, June 15, 2020

Article Cappelletto courier of the evening

Source: Corriere della Sera

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"Breakfast offered in shops, to revitalize the historic center of Treviso"

The Tribuna of Treviso, 18 May 2019

Source: the Tribuna of Treviso

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"70 years of Cappelletto"

Municipality of Treviso, 26 March 2019

Source: Cappelletto

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"Seventy years of activity in the center of Treviso: Cappelletto is awarded by the mayor"

Treviso Today, 15 January 2019

Source: Treviso Today

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"Cappelletto footwear, seventy years of activity in the Treviso salon"

Today Treviso, 15 January 2019


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"Cappelletto celebrates 70 years in business...and is looking for staff!"

Treviso Today, 09 January 2018

Cappelletto Footwear

Source: Treviso Today

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"Cappelletto, the dynasty of shoes: from ladies and gentlemen to VIPs"

The Gazzettino, 08 January 2018

Cappelletto, the dynasty of shoes: from Ladies and Gentlemen to VIPs

Source: The Gazzettino

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"Alberto Cappelletto awarded Best Buyer of the Year"

The Tribune of Treviso, 20 March 2012

Cappelletto AwardCappelletto Treviso Award

Cappelletto Award

Cappelletto Footwear Award

Source: The Tribune of Treviso

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