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Article: Help us support “Giocare in Corsia” and LILT

Aiutaci a sostenere “Giocare in Corsia” e LILT

Help us support “Giocare in Corsia” and LILT

Dear CappeLovers,

perhaps not everyone is aware of the project that we at Cappelletto Treviso and Mogliano , together with our cousins ​​from Noale, Padua and Mestre, have been supporting for 12 years now. Many of you, on the other hand, have already come to ask us since mid-November when the stuffed animals for fundraising would arrive... Because it's now a tradition! In fact, since my wife and I became parents, we have become passionate about this group of volunteers and unfortunately, even if for not too serious reasons, fortunately, we have also had the opportunity to get to know them in their work environment. And we can guarantee you that they are special!

Playing in the Lane - Charity - Fundraising - LILT - Italian League for the fight against cancer

Play in Lane

Giocare in Corsia is a group of volunteers (about 190 people) - and is part of the LILT (Lega Italiana Lotta Tumori) - who make themselves available to the young patients of the Pediatrics departments of the Treviso and Conegliano Veneto hospitals and who help them spend your stay in serenity. They are people who dedicate their free time to these children : university students but also lawyers as sweet housewives. All people who have first of all followed a precise path of preparation and who are able to transfer a breath of serenity where sometimes the condition of the patient is truly delicate.

The activities of the volunteers of Giocare in Corsia

You can find them in the morning playing with the little ones, giving their parents a break, while pediatrics smells of the biscuits from the Biscottificio in pajamas, or in the afternoon workshops where they create many small works of art with all materials, with attention to recycling, or in the evening dressed as clowns who go around the rooms and entertain young and old , or read fairy tales before going to bed.

There is also an area, called I s ola Serena , where an educator accompanies parents and children in the delicate preoperative path , then welcoming the children and families on the day of surgery in Day Surgery. In recent years, we have subsidized the cost of this professional who carries out a fundamental job to guarantee the serenity of the family nucleus in certain moments of particular emotional stress.

Fundraising for Giocare in Corsia

Puppet Playing in the Ward - LILT - Italian League for the Fight against Tumors

In these twelve years we have collected important figures and we are always very grateful to the city of Treviso and to all the people who come even from outside the city, for giving us all their support. This year we have reached an unexpected figure and we refer you to this link to find out. Every year we carefully select a soft toy from our partner Initiative Group : we have had teddy bears of all types and colors, kittens or puppies, owls, penguins, and many others!

LILT Playing in the Cappelletto lane

But this year's Reindeer Wendy , both in beauty and softness, surpasses them all! And it's already a huge success. Hurry up if you want to grab the last reindeer: they're selling like hot cakes! The minimum bid is €15.00 and the Wendy reindeers can only be purchased in our shops in Treviso and Mogliano Veneto.

Our addresses are


Piazza dei Signori, 10
31100 Treviso (TV)
Telephone: 0422.543655


Piazza Duca D'Aosta, 2
31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV)
Telephone 041.5901600

Happy Holidays,

Alberto Cappelletto family

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