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Cappelletto is always looking for the best footwear for men and women. For this autumn winter 2018/2019, among the many brands present in our stores, we recommend Red Wing Shoes Company , and in particular their Red Wing Shoes Heritage line. This company is based in the United States, in Minnesota and was born as a manufacturer of work shoes (which is still their main business) way back in 1905!!!

Red Wing 2018/19 - Men's Collection

In particular , Red Wing has been producing women's boots since 1926 and has never stopped doing it. But above all it produces a line of footwear, the classic and best-known MocToe and Iron Ranger that Cappelletto Treviso and Mogliano have been offering for several seasons.

RED WING - FW 2018/19 - Classic Moc Toe 1907 - Copper

RED WING - FW 2018/19 - Classic Moc Toe 1907 - Copper

RED WING - FW 2018/19 - 8083 - Iron Ranger

RED WING - FW 2018/19 - 8083 - Iron Ranger

Top quality leathers

Before buying a pair of Red Wings, we suggest you browse through our Red Wing Men's and Red Wing Women's collections where you will find detailed technical and photographic documentation of the various models. Even if you already own a pair and want to know the latest. The Red Wing production process boasts a century-old history: it begins with the choice of top quality leathers and then proceeds to the hand-creation of a truly artisanal and long-lasting product. And the result, in our opinion, that we are very attached to the "made in Italy", is very authentic! The more they are used, the more the Red Wings take on their unmistakable rugged taste.

Present at the Red Wing Shoes Women launch in Amsterdam

But let's get to the most recent news.
In January 2016 Cappelletto Treviso was selected, together with forty other stores throughout Europe to participate in Amsterdam in the worldwide launch of the new Red Wing Shoes women's collection.

Presentation Red Wings Amsterdam - Cappelletto Treviso Mogliano Present!

Apart from us, only a few other shops on the Italian fashionshoes scene were present.
On that occasion, from the owners themselves, we were told a lot about the Red Wing world, one of the few shoe factories in the world to have its own tannery, which is located next to the shoe production plant.  The shoe factory then creates its own leathers which are exclusive to its footwear. Hence the result of a truly unique product.

Style tips

After two seasons we can say that Red Wing is becoming a #musthave in the wardrobe not only for men but also for the most dynamic women.  sports  and a bit “rugged”. They fit very well with jeans but also with a little country-style dress! They are very resistant, the leathers are soft and with a nice pair of thick socks (obviously we recommend AltoMilano ), they become warm and suitable for wearing even in the mountains.

RED WING - 3375 Moc Toe - legacy gold

Red Wing - Women's Collection

For the women's line, the numbered shoes have not simply been adapted, but the company has taken care of every detail in adapting to the female proportion what was once a shoe for exclusive use by men. So the details are appreciable in the choice of the softest material, the proportionately resized eyelets, the height of the shaft, the super light polyurethane sole and obviously the development of some colors only for the women's line.

Discover all the models and colors available in our stores in Treviso and Mogliano and on !
Happy Shopping CappeLovers!

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