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Dear CappeLovers,

as you well know, the week of the fateful Black Friday is approaching. Our regular customers are already aware of the fact that we have never joined this type of promotion, but here we want to explain well, even to those who have recently joined the community, the reasons why we do not follow this phenomenon.

And the reasons are many. In fact, in recent years we limited ourselves to putting a few stories in the Instagram feed or simply responding one by one to the followers who asked why we didn't apply any discounts during that weekend (which has now become a week for many sites). Today, however, we take the opportunity to introduce you to our vision of SLOW FASHION a little better. In fact, what we see during this week of promotions offered to us by the web are very often suggestions for a quick purchase at convenient prices that have nothing to do with the products we offer in our stores.

Before being an online store, we would like to remind you that in January we will celebrate 75 years of history! So we are a reality that you have found in the squares of Treviso and Mogliano Veneto for many years. The online shop was born from the suggestion of our most loyal customers who, living far away, asked us to be able to access our shop even remotely. With great commitment, in these five years we have reached countries that we would never have expected: from Alaska to Japan, passing through Europe, we have come to be a real online store as you see many. But we are and want to distinguish ourselves for the assistance you can find upstream of your purchases.

Many of you have already had the opportunity to try this experience and have left us reviews that are invaluable to us (and which you can find at the foot of the pages of our site). Before making a purchase, we are always very available for advice on the fit of the shoes our customers are interested in or to better understand the characteristics of the materials they are made of. We receive requests of all kinds, but we are always available and within the limits of our capabilities, we are able to meet the most diverse needs!

We encourage our customers to contact us because we want the shopping experience on our site to be memorable. And indeed, they come back!!

Another reason why we suggest reaching us through the site chat, phone or social channels is that we want to avoid returns! It is an important fixed point for us and which we have always supported: RETURNS ARE NOT FREE. Why? Because we don't want to encourage "hit and run" buying. Which as we well know, is not ecologically sustainable . We prefer to receive an extra phone call, help the customer in his choice, and then, if we really haven't guessed the size, we'll exchange it for free!

Some of you are still wondering: "but if everyone is doing it, why don't you do Black Friday"? The reason is that we strongly believe in the authenticity of the products we sell: you can find it in companies like Paraboot or Tricker's just to give two examples. They are products whose models do not know the passage of time and which, thanks to the craftsmanship with which they are made, can truly become the shoes of a lifetime.

In other cases, however, we "marry" the philosophy of companies that are focusing on sustainability. And we want to go down this road because we believe we can give our small contribution too.

Such as Fjallraven , a company known for its famous Kanken backpacks which, just think, were created in 1978! We have also been using them personally, for more than ten years: they are super resistant and never go out of style! This is a company that also makes wonderful outdoor garments and has been supporting the "Save the artic fox" project for years to protect the endangered arctic fox and has always paid close attention to nature and the environment by implementing strict policies for sustainability.

Another new brand that has just arrived at CasaCappelletto is Cotopaxi: a "Climate neutral" certified company. Make products by selecting alternative and recycled fabrics. No backpack is the same, each product is therefore unique and good for the environment and the Cotopaxi Foundation project that fights extreme poverty in the Americas.

Still in terms of sustainability, moving on to our "core business", footwear, maybe not everyone knows that some of our partners who have been part of the CappeFamily for some time, have already been active in terms of sustainability for several seasons, such as Philippe Model , which offers the Lyon model , inspired by the basketball world e made entirely with "animal free", sustainable materials such as eco-leather, corn fibers, organic cotton and recycled polyester. Even the sole is a mix of recycled rubber and inside the insole is in Ortholite: really a living room!!

These are just a few examples of products that you can find in our stores and that we are convinced absolutely do not deserve a depreciation to encourage an impulsive purchase: more and more we support the motto of "buy less, buy better".

And we are sure that even our most loyal customers have grown with us, with these principles, over the years. Because by purchasing a product from CappellettoShop that they have used for a long time, they have become accustomed to a "long-term" investment. As for our Sachét bags: our leathers are an absolute guarantee and become more and more beautiful with the passage of time: seeing is believing!

But if you really want to win unique pieces at advantageous prices, you can always access our "Women's Outlet" and "Men's Outlet" collections where all our offers are always visible, even up to 70% discounts and concern the collections of past seasons: keep a close eye, you could really find unique opportunities!

Ah, we wanted to warn you that if you exchange with CappellettoShop, the cardboard you will receive with the second package is recycled!! Even in these small gestures, let's try to love our planet! ;-)

Happy sustainable shopping everyone!

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Buon pomeriggio
Condivido in pieno quanto da voi pensato e scritto, basta con questo mordi e fuggi commerciale, EVVIVA la Vostra serietà e onesta commerciale, questi sono i due ingredienti principali per essere dei commercianti. Sarò sempre un Vostro Cliente, perché con i Vostri prodotti, siete sempre riusciti, a rendermi felice Nell acquisto.
Grazie ed a presto

Lucio Cumitini
Follina Tv

Lucio Cumitini

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